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how much longerrrrrrrr X*<?! I love this game and I dont even know if thats true cause i haven't played it yet!

I don't even know :c I'm making steady progress and I've been posting update logs on Patreon but I keep being one step from release. I've gotten most of the code working; just need to make sure items work right as well as victory/game over then I'll be releasing the first build. Victory and game over are really simple and should take like an hour total; items are the real bugger. Hopefully it won't take long for those either if everything behaves well.

it said on FTT to message you if I preordered, but it won't let me message you.

Don't worry; I'm PMing you now.

still waiting...

I know... I've been posting Patreon updates. I'm really sorry about the delay... I'll get a demo up ASAP.

May I ask if there a new release date?

Oh, sorry. Thought I posted this but I guess not >.> Due to complications with the art, it's probably gonna take a week or a bit longer to release the full version.